WordPress Backup in Only 8-Minutes

Setting up automatic WordPress Backups for your WordPress installation does not have to be hard. Following the steps in the tutorial above should have you up and running with automatic weekly backups in under 10-minutes.

The two plugins that we use for backups are:

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Really helpful Bill - was looking for something like this. Thank-you!

Bill Hutchison
Bill Hutchison

Have you checked the backup file to see if there is any data in the backup?

I have read about problems with the wp-dbmanager plugin on a set-up with the MySQL server on a different server than the WordPress installation. Of course I can't find the article now, but the solution that I read was to try using a different backup plugin. The plugin that they recommended was WP-DB-Backup.

So you might want to give the different plugin a try if the backup file that was emailed to you was empty.


Thanks for a good video.
I have installed WB DB manager & Wordpress backup.

I thourght that WP-DB was a back up of everything, so I am glad that I found your video where you say that we need Wordpress backup also to backup the photos etc..

I have a question to WP DB.

Thank you for a great video. I have a littel problem and a question regarding the WP-DBManager.
Regarding to the Path To mysqldump og Path To mysql.
I asked my host(unoeuro.com) for the Path To mysqldump og Path To mysql.
I was told that I could not get that because web and mysql is not on the same server.
I tryed to set up WP-DBManager without that and it has sent me a backup to my email.
So is the Path To mysqldump og Path To mysql necessary and what exactly is it?

Thanks best regards