Finding Legal Music for your Ministry Video

It is said that the audio makes up at least 50% of the impact and quality of a video. Without good audio it is very difficult to get across your message to the people viewing your video. Part of the audio experience is the music that you choose…

Recently I’ve come across a number of YWAM Ministry videos that have had the sound removed. The reason why the audio has been removed is because the creators of the video used copyright music. One of the options available to the holders of the music copyright is to remove the audio from your video. They don’t just remove the copyright music, but all the audio, creating a silent movie for you.

The YWAM East Timor outreach video at the bottom of this post as an example of this happening…

It’s not hard to find free music if you know what constitutes “free”, and where to look…

What Can I Use as Free Music for Video

Pretty much anything that you hear on the radio would probably not be free and anything recorded or written in the last 70-years would also not be free if it was copyright when produced. That sounds pretty limiting, but if you are willing to look beyond the commercial music scene there is plenty of music available out there that you can use.

Some examples of music you could use for your Ministy video would be:

  • Music licensed under a Creative Commons license
  • Stock audio options (paid for licenses)
  • Post a request for music on the YWAM Music Network
  • Original music by local musicians

For all of these options you will need to be clear of what the license is and the specifics of what you can use the music for.

Two things that can catch you out is that even if you use a local recording of a song you need to make sure that the song isn’t copyrighted (ex. you can’t use a locally recorded version of a Hillsong song). By the same token you can’t grab a song that is older than 70-years old and out of copyright (ex. Amazing Grace) and use a modern recording of it.

Where Can I Get Music for my Ministry Video

If you want free download for your ministry video and don’t want to go through the process of arranging a local recording or working with someone from the YWAM Music Network, head over to Creative Commons and follow the links there to some of the featured web-sites.

Otherwise have a chat to some of your local musicians, or drop a message over at the YWAM Music Network and see what kind of original music you can put together.

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Well that pretty much wins the "most useful post I've read in a while" award.

Very helpful. I think I'll post a link to it on one of my sites.