Easy Privacy Policy WordPress Plugin is Spam

privacyRecently I installed Wordfence on a number of my WordPress web-sites to increase the security on it. While running a check on one of my sites if found that the Easy Privacy Plugin had been modified. The error that I got was:

Modified plugin file: wp-content/plugins/easy-privacy-policy/easy-privacy-policy.php

Filename: wp-content/plugins/easy-privacy-policy/easy-privacy-policy.php
File type: Plugin
Issue first detected: 4 mins ago.
Severity: Warning
Status: New

This file belongs to plugin “Easy Privacy Policy” version “1.02” and has been modified from the file that is distributed by WordPress.org for this version.

When I clicked through to view the file differences it pulled up the following line of code:

This policy was generated by Easy Privacy Policy Plugin <a title=”bet365 poker” target=”_blank” href=”http://poker.toolazy.me.uk/bet365poker”>bet365 poker</a> for WordPress.

That was the original line of the code. The modified version of the code on my web-site was:

This policy was generated by Easy Privacy Policy Plugin <a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.swiftcovercarinsurance.co.uk”>swift cover car insurance</a> for WordPress.

After coming across those lines of code I had another look at the plugin on WordPress.com and it seems that the plugin had been removed. The usual reasons for WordPress removing plugins from the plugin depository is because it contains Malware or Spam, which is certainly the case here.

Time to find another WordPress privacy plugin I guess.

One thing that this has highlighted to me is not only the need to keep up with plugin updates, but also to make sure that the plugins I am using are still “clean”. Wordfence is certainly going help me with that …

Image source: Sean MacEntee

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