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Build a Restaurant Website on

I was recently asked by my neighbour about setting up a website for his restaurant. It’s something that I wish I could do, the income would be helpful, but with my current commitments it’s not something I am able to … Continue reading

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How to Secure WordPress

In the last year I have had two web-sites hacked into, one personal site and one ministry site. Both of them were WordPress web-sites and since then I’ve made some changes with how I secure my WordPress sites. When securing … Continue reading

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Is Your Site Accessible for All Users?

As you develop your web-site or blog one thing that is commonly overlooked is the overall accessibility to your site’s content. WordPress does a pretty good job out of the box dealing with site accessibility for the platform, but not … Continue reading

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Do I Need a Web-Site for my Ministry?

I was asked a question on Twitter about a good way to market a ministry training program. My first response was word of mouth from former students, staff or partners as the first person contact and testimonials generally has the most … Continue reading

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Help Prospective Mothers in Papua New Guinea

Sometimes it’s amazing how much you can help, through something so little… In rural Papua New Guinea one in seven women die in childbirth! Yep, that’s right, 1 in 7 women die in childbirth! That’s a shocking statistic to say … Continue reading

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WordPress Backup in Only 8-Minutes

Setting up automatic WordPress Backups for your WordPress installation does not have to be hard. Following the steps in the tutorial above should have you up and running with automatic weekly backups in under 10-minutes. The two plugins that we … Continue reading

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Purpose of this Site

Originally I purchased the domain for this web-site with the intent of writing about our renovations and work around the house now that we are in Canada. I’ve decided however to keep the writing about that on my Renovate Australia … Continue reading

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First Post

This is the first post on the site. I’m not sure yet what I will be doing with the site, but we’ll see how we go. If you were looking for how to make a cheap and easy window cleaner … Continue reading

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