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I was recently asked by my neighbour about setting up a website for his restaurant. It’s something that I wish I could do, the income would be helpful, but with my current commitments it’s not something I am able to do.

After doing a bit of research I am thinking that the best solution for someone wanting a web-site for their restaurant is a managed service like This would allow someone who is not too tech savy and doesn’t want to have to manage the technical aspects of a web-site to have a secure, fast, and stable web-site. has recently launched a service specifically targeting restaurants, and it looks like a pretty good service. It has a lot of features set-up specifically for restaurants:

  • Hours & Location
  • Simple Menus
  • Menu Embeds
  • Reservations (Online with OpenTable)
  • Mobile Ready

They have even launched a few new templates specifically for restaurateurs:

Confit Menu Page

Although you can set-up a free web-site with a domain like there are two upgrades that I would get for setting up a web-site on

  1. Custom Domain (, $13/year)
  2. Ad-free (Removes Advertisements from the site, $30/year)

There are many other options that could be purchased, but I think that with those two options, for a cost of only $43/year, it would cover most needs for a restaurant web-site.

You can read more about the restaurant website service on their site, and you can also watch the video below:

Most good restaurant web-sites that you can find include high quality images of the food offered on the menu. In addition to the web-site hosting, a good place to invest some money is with good photos of the food, venue, and possibly some of the staff.

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I love  I love self-hosted wordpress as well.

And some of the restaurants around here seriously need to do that.  Their websites are terrible.