Best WordPress PayPal Donation Plugin

After searching for a long time for a good WordPress PayPal Donation Plugin I finally found a great plugin that a friend of my wrote called the “Multi Currency PayPal Donations WP Plugin”.

Screenshot of the donation screen

We regularly receive donations from Canada, Australia and the USA, so having a plugin that automatically allows for multiple currency is a huge advantage. You can also allow for different PayPal accounts for each currency, which is a big help if you have your PayPal accounts linked to different bank accounts in the different countries.

One problem that I had with the previous version of the plugin was that if a currency was not selected PayPal would report an error. The latest update to the plugin allows for you to choose a default currency, which has completely fixed this error.

If you are looking for a PayPal donation plugin this is definitely the one that I would recommend. I use it on all my web-sites that I put a donation page on and have pointed quite a few friends in this direction.

Check out the plugin on my friends web-site, Make Some Code – Multi Currency PayPal Donations WP Plugin.

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