Add Code to the Sidebar in Blogger

All of my personal web-site and blog development is done on WordPress, but I do occasionally get enquiries about other blog platforms. The latest question that I got was for a Blogspot blog on Blogger.

YWAM BloggersI set-up some Blog badges for YWAM Bloggers and someone asked me over Twitter how to add the badge to their Blogger blog.

I have a few old Blogger blogs floating around, so I logged on to see how to put the YWAM Blogger Badge in the sidebar of one of those old blogs.

  1. After logging into Blogger I clicked on the “Design” link for the blog that I want to add the badge to.
  2. In the sidebar I click on “Add a Gadget”.
  3. Go down the “Add Gadget Basics” List in the pop-up until you come to “HTML/JavaScript” and click on the + sign to add it.
  4. You can now give it a title if you want, or just paste the code from the badge in the content section of the next page and click on “add”.
  5. You should now be back on the design page and you can drag the new Gadget to where you want it to appear on your sidebar.
  6. Once you have the badge where you want it just click on the “save” button in the top right of the screen and you are done…
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I figured this out too ... but it saves the gadget as a 'YWAM Blogger' live link to and there is no logo in sight! Any other advice?